Saturday, April 19, 2014


Happy Easter Weekend to all!

I will keep this short, as I don't know many of you that will be surfing a gnarly internet wave, since likely, the weather is getting nicer.  You've got that spring itch.  Daylight is lasting longer and longer. 

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, or believe in Christ or not, practice what you preach, or not:  you know the meaning of Easter.  Now I am not one that attends any church regularly. My beliefs are my beliefs.  I'll keep them at that.

Ask yourself: have you given up?  Are you finding yourself more and more depressed, feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel?  Would you rather help someone else, than helping yourself?

Maybe it's financial.  Maybe it's a relationship with a sister or brother that you've written off because of something that happened years ago.  Maybe it's you're lonely because your last relationship/marriage hit the fan?

What are you going to do?  Do you want to sit her and boob around in self pity?

You have a choice. Stay dead.  Or Rise!

Mine and Katie's supplements came for our 24 Day Challenge from AdvoCare!  We will celebrate Easter Sunday with church and a holiday dinner with our family.  We have already started preparing our menu and a list for the grocery store.  Even as low or high as we have been with our health and finances; we know we have a choice.  What is your choice?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Can I do?

What's with that title?  Well, I'll tell ya.  Have you ever wondered "What if?"  Not like, "What if the world ended, what would you do?"  But more like, "What if... I had stuck to the Ideal Protein Diet?" 

What if... in the 9th grade, what if my dad didn't have to pick up a 3rd job, so I picked up a paper route and quit football... would have I been able to play and keep up in High School, with grades.  Would it have lead to college playing? Would that have left me obese? Or more active where I slimmed down after college?  Heck, I love my Denver Broncos.  I love the University of Montana Grizzlies football and how big they have built their brand since the late 1980's.  But would I have loved it enough to let it take me places?  To let it pay for college? Who the heck knows? 

But I wouldn't change it.  Honestly. For anything.  Even playing in the pros.  I love my life.  I just don't love being out of shape. Unfit. Having a large belly.  I really don't love wanting to roll a ball from one side of a gymnasium floor, wanting to see it reach the other side... but I walk next to it and pick it up, before it reaches its destination. Not ever knowing if I had the perfect roll

Let me explain.  When we celebrated our honeymoon, Katie and I went to Disneyland.  We ate what we wanted, when we wanted.  Keep in mind, we got married and I was weighing in at 329 lbs.  Smaller by 10 lbs, from my freshman year in High School.  I fit on the rides!  I really was like a kid.  I would giggle on any of the rides we rode.  Especially the rollercoaster "California Screamin" at the California Adventure Park.  Seriously, giggling.  I love to have fun! After Disneyland, we came back to Utah and worked 4 days, then I took her back to Montana to meet the rest of the fam.  The big fam. 

For the holidays, it's become a tradition to rent out a community center in one of the small towns.  Sting together 8-10 long banquet tables.  Everyone brings something.  It was great!  Again, we ate what we wanted, when we wanted.  After a Montana Christmas, we came back to Utah.  I was set to start up again on Ideal Protein, since I'd done so well the first go around.  But I didn't finish, so I wanted to get to my goal, 240 lbs. So I picked up, after I'd gained back some of my loss, I was back to 355 lbs by the time I got around to starting back on the plan. I had a great first week!  Killed it.  I lost 17 lbs!!! Bam!

Then I lost all motivation.  Gained even more weight back. We had our first child.  Welcome Tate.  I gained even more weight. Had our second child. Welcome Cece.  This was as big as I've ever been, to my knowledge.  I'd never step on a scale because I was afraid of what it would read.  Then it got to the point where I knew most scales didn't hold more that 400 lbs.  This is where I started my blog, because at 460 lbs is when I emailed the Cowboy I'd just watched on Shark Tank.

Bringing it altogether; I've never seen what I can do.  Now I get to ask myself, "What if...?"

Nick. What if you do great?  What if you reach your goal?  What if you inspire one person to not ever give up?  What if your kids and wife pick up the example that you want to be?  What if you kill this 24 Day Challenge from AdvoCare?  Just because you don't picture yourself thin, does not mean you can't be a bulky 240 and be healthy!

So, I will put it all out there, again.  After everyone that has seen my blog, last year and watched me simply just lose the desire, I've contacted ABC4 News in Salt Lake City, UT.  They are going to follow my 24 Day Challenge from AdvoCare.  I will be posting my measurements or weights on here as well as Facebook.  Again, I will give this a shot.  I do understand it will not come overnight.  I understand that it could take years to get where I want to be, physically.  But the mental changes I want to make, well heck, that just takes conditioning.  Going to bed and saying ONE single positive thing about yourself, every night... that'll wear on you.  In a good way.  I've read that in some of Shaun T's stuff.

Here are a couple of links for you to look at as well, you can watch one, with Cowboy Ryan interviewing his clients that have and are doing the 24 Day Challenge with AdvoCare:

I'd like to see where this freight train is going!!
Anyone care to join me?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Preparing My Mind

     Hello everyone! First of all, please, accept my gratitude for setting aside a little bit of your time, to once again (if you're a return reader), read a little bit about me and this Journey.  For those of you that may be new, Welcome!  If you like this, please continue following and please share.

     Anyhow, as the title says, I am preparing my mind, for the challenge ahead.  Sure, some of you have seen my posts on Facebook, regarding a new 24 day challenge that will be monitored by my Training Coach and Fitness Mentor, Cowboy Ryan Ehmann, as seen on ABC's Shark Tank.  He did the challenge himself.  His wife has done one round already, started on her 2nd round.  My buddy that I met at the Montana Fitness Ranch in Sula, Montana, hosted by Cowboy Ryan.  He has rounded up a few members of his family and friends.  They, along with him, will be doing the challenge in the next few days.  As for me, I've got my strength, my wife along for the ride, doing the challenge with me.  So far, I have had one of my family members that extended interest in starting the 24 day challenge, when Katie and I start it.

     So what is it "Preparing My Mind" all about?  I'll explain.  Last time, when I first contacted Ryan, I had no idea who he was, or what he was about.  Nor, did he know what to expect from me.  Again, bringing you current, preparation: when I was all gung ho last time, I really wasn't ready.  Don't get me wrong, I did great, a couple times. More than I expected that I'd do.  But in saying that, I can tell you, being able to admit to it, I know I was not mentally prepared.  Yeah, I studied the stuff that I downloaded from Ryan's website, to learn about how he did it. To learn about how he studied it. You know what?  I did learn it.  I did apply it.  I did hit a road block, or two.  I stalled. Then out of left field, I lost interest.  I felt like applying myself, when I felt it necessary.  Once I started seeing results, I felt it was good enough for now.  Instead, looking back, I should've capitalized on it.  I should have built a fitness savings account. Like I've said, a streak always starts with one.  One day, can make a big difference; good or bad.

     Preparing my mind that I need to find the inner support, in myself; to keep pushing.  Keep digging.  Keep going.  Keep trying.  It's not all about the numbers on the scale.  It is about my life. Do I want to be victim to food?  To poor choices? Do I want to be a prisoner in my own body?  I look in the mirror and I do not like what I see.  But that is not who I am.  Who I am is on the inside.  Yeah, I have fat.  But that does not define me.  Heck, that would be like saying I have finger nails, so therefore, that makes me finger nails.  No, I have fat and it's manageable. Diet and exercise can help you manage your fat/fitness.  But so does your mind.  I have to be in a mindset that I'm ready to accept what I've done in the past as well, commit to being the best that I can to myself and to my family. To my kids, my wife and my siblings, as well to my extended family.  I am an example.  It is up to me to decide what kind of example I want to be.

     My hope is that, in the 24 day challenge, we find little successes.  We can have little victories, that will Jumpstart us to the path of a huge victory.  But I must be confident that I am prepared for the Journey.  Just because I might get down to 245 lbs, which would be around 100 lbs smaller than I got this last time, that it does not stop there.  Choices with food and activity will be there every stinking day of my entire life.  Really quick, before I sign off (you gotta leave them wanting more)... when I emailed Ryan, after watching Shark Tank, I weighed in at 460 lbs.  I was down from 535 lbs.  When I got back from the Montana Fitness Ranch, I weighed in at 433 lbs.  I weighed in at the doc's office last week at 467 lbs.  On this 24 day challenge, people are losing around 5-10 lbs in the first week.  I'm not sure how my body will react to it, but I am really not that concerned with the first week.  I am more concerned with the end of the 24 day challenge.  I want to do it, with no cheating.  I want to give this Jumpstart every single opportunity to help me change the path and pattern of my life; of my family's life. 

     If I can inspire one single person, along the Journey, then it's worth it.  Maybe that person being inspired, will be me?

     As for the next blog, stay tuned.  I'll give you a little insight on what went on at the Montana Fitness Ranch!  It was a lot of fun!  Even when we were working out. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What if I told you...

What if I told you, I'm back?

What if I told you, I'm here, to try again?

What if I told you, I am not a quitter?

What if I told you, I've gained  back everything I worked so hard at losing?  My weight, inches, bad habits, all of it.

What if I told you that I am here to kick some ass?

Nobody can tell me what I need to do. I need to be the one that wants change.

I am the one.

Stand by for more regular blogs from me, for you to enjoy. :)

I've got everything to lose.

Monday, November 4, 2013

I Feel The Need

The need for speed!  Maverick and Goose.  Or was it Goose and Maverick? 

Anyhow, I feel the need to lift some weights!!!

Ready to roll.  Haven't done much lately, while making a big move.  My workouts have consisted of going up and down, up and down, up and donw stairs, stairs and more stairs, carrying boxes, more boxes, kids, more boxes, toys, boxes, laundry, kids again and lastly, furniture! The move is not done yet, nor are we settled. Water intake has been good. Food and diet have been honestly, meh... Attitude has been meh, as well.

I will be weighing in, within the next couple of weeks.  I have had a "Post Ranch" follow up with my friends at ABC.  I have broken out some of my boxes labeled "Clothes Don't Fit", from a seperate move, years ago.  I squeezed into a 3X t-shirt!  It was tight, and short, but still, was able to wear it around for a day.  Plus, some of my nicer work clothes as well, that have been packed away. 

It's a marathon. Not a sprint.  The littel victories feel good though. We've been cooped up with boxes all around us, hardly any room to walk around our bed.  I miss doing the Cowboy DVDs and abs work outs with Katie!  I miss complaining about getting my butt on the floor.  I miss sweating together.  I miss laughing at the goofball in the cowboy hat on the TV screen.

Feeling defeated these last couple of weeks due to stress, work, and blah blah blah.  Hey, I'm human. But you know what else I am?  I'M THE ONE!

Why not make the challenge bigger right before and during holidays?  Everyone whines about "It's hard to work out when you have kids." "It's ok to eat a little more b/c holidays only come once a year."  "It's hard to stay on track b/c of time." All of them sound familiar?

I've said them.  I'm guilty.  The goal?  I want to be 400 or less by the turn of the year! 

I'll post my weigh in, when I get the numbers. But judging by the extra notch on my belt (the good way) and my tight fitting 3X t-shirts, that I'd be willing to bet that I'm very close to the 100 lbs mark from when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

I feel a good solid 3-4 meals a day, 5 oz of protein with fruits and veggies coming on!

Who's with me?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Countdown

This Friday August 2nd is the day that my wife and I will drive to Pocatello, Idaho and meet my oldest-younger brother Jeff.  From there, he and I will drive up through Idaho on Highway 93 North and head over the pass, aside the Lost Trail Ski Area.  Sula is just north of the pass, once you get over the Montana/Idaho State Line/Border.  Sula is a beautiful place!  Population: 37 (

The population will be increasing by just a few this coming weekend! I am not sure how many folks will be there, but I know that when Ryan Cowboy Ehmann put it out there that he was going to do the Cowboy Fitness Ranch, he was looking for 10 contestants.  He and his wife have been posting pictures and such on their Facebook pages of the area and the ranch. The anticipation is killing me.

A cook thing is that I think that on the Friday that we check out from the ranch, hopefully both of my younger brothers will be there. In an ideal world, I'd have my wife, children and my brothers there to meet The Rodeo Cowboy.  I've asked Ryan about meeting my brothers.  I think I'm more excited about it than he is. But, it will be cool that I get to hang out with my brothers Friday night in Missoula.  Maybe Kevin, Jeff and I will get a chance to shoot some hoops or pool, like old times.  That is, if I have enough strength to stand.

The gal at the ABC 4 news here in Salt Lake City has asked that I do a video diary every night.  Which I will probably do on my phone.  Not many places to charge the phone up there.  But I'd like to get some footage of our activities too.  Of course we'll be able to take some pictures. 

This week I'll be focusing on getting my list together and packing everything up. We have a friend that is letting me borrow their sleeping bag.  I still have a tent, but the other stuff was all stuff that I had when I lived in Montana. But since I've lived in Salt Lake City for almost the last 5 years now... we haven't done much camping/fishing or anything up in the mountains! Drives me crazy some times.

It is a tough thing to have to ask my wife to be SuperMom while I'm away for a week. Taking care of the kids, getting them to daycare, working her hours, picking them up, going home, trying to find time to get them outside and play, cooking meals, bathing them and then getting them to bed.  That is a long week!  I have to make this work!  I have to kill it while I'm there. 

I have to find a way to make this stick with me! The coaching side by side is what I'm looking forward to the most.  I'm sure it'll be like drinking water through a fire-hose. Just to put it out there, I have not been doing a lot.  Not counting calories.  Not really on a routine for eating.  I wanted to go up to the ranch with the idea that I'm going to get my butt kicked.  I know that I'll be sore.  I know that it will probably be the toughest physical thing I've ever gone through.  I want this to teach me a lesson. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Afraid of Failure

Hello,  remember me?  What a crazy last couple of months it's been.

One thing that ya'll have seen me blg about before is the fear of failing.  I'm not here to give you excuses.  I'm not here to ask you to follow me.  I'm not here to hear you judge me.  But, if you'd like to follow along there are some big things happening for us.

Katie is interviewing for a different postion at our company.  She has been here going on 13 years now and has held the same position for the last 8 years.  This is big for us.  There is a lot of change in our company.  Katie is very valuable and in my opinion, under appreciated.  If offered the new role, it is a big decision.  So, stress has been present.

Another birthday of my mom's passed yesterday.  It is still hard to swallow sometimes, that I am older than she was when she passed.  Katie and I have talked more and more about her over the last couple of years. 

Oh yeah, The Rodeo Cowboy, aka Ryan "Cowboy" Ehmann, aka Coach Cowboy, aka The Fat Loss Cowboy and his investor from ABC's The Shark Tank, Damond John (creator of FUBU) have selected me to be one of the 10 clients to go up to Sula, Montana for a Cowboy Fitness Ranch.  It is hosted by Ryan "Cowboy" Ehmann.

You may or may not be thinking in your head: "How did this come about?"  Well, read on...

On Facebook one day, I received a personal message from Coach (and I quote):
Hows your fitness journey going?
What results have you got and what stuggles are you dealing with buddy?"

It was unexpected for sure and I could have lied.  If you've been reading my blog at all, you know that I've had ups and downs.  But instead of lying, I was blunt.  I replied to him (quoting myself here...), "Struggling. Just gotta get right in my mind right and get a string of consecutive days/weeks together. I know I can do it. But the first doubt creeps in and I get a defeated feeling.
You've been extremely busy. How are you doing sir?"

Coach continues: "I have a very special gift for you ... I got to know you want to continue and you will do what ever it takes to change your life."

Me, "Life is a gift and I've taken it for granted. I my ears are open..."

I can tell you that it took some convincing from my siblings and my wife. I don't know why, but it just punched me right in the gut!  I felt sick.

From there, I'll leave you with this.  Go You Tube "Sula Fun", then keep that image in your head and go to Coach's website:  When you've looked at both website and You Tube video, you should ge a mixed image in your head of the the workouts and boot camp fitness tossed in with a Dude Ranch experience.  Pretty spectacular eh? 

Plus, I am trying to help The Rodeo Cowboy get a Boot Camp going here in Salt Lake City, UT (a 2-day Boot Camp).  We are in communication with a guy for use of a gym.  But this will give 15-20 people an opportunity to train personally with Ryan "Cowboy" Ehmann and get some eye opening life changing heart rate training with the master himself!  His energy will infect you!

The Boot Camp will take place Sept 27th and 28th, each day having an early hour and then late evening!
Here is the website if you're interested:

As well, I've reached out to local ABC 4 News Team and they're going to follow my journey for the next year, tracking numbers, reporting success and plateaus and milestones.  Here is the initial interview:

So like I said, a crazy couple of months!  Here is some other fun stuff for ya'll to look at.  One is a website from Coach to get us clients excited about our check in to the Cowboy Fitness Ranch in just about 10 days. Plus I'll get to meet another guy who has been really supportive, as well on his own journey!

Here is some footage of the scenery and what we can expect from the filming and 2-workouts-a-day Cowbody Fitness Camp:

Are you excited?  I am!!!